My Ride or Die

December 13 2012

My mother always wanted me to write about her for those radio show contests. She stopped asking but I never did it. I felt the public recognition wasn’t necessary. She’s my best friend, the one who keeps me going when I can’t motivate myself. I love her to death and don’t know where I would be without her.

She became a single mother when my dad was killed. I was a baby. She didn’t crumble but fought back. My family’s life hasn’t been easy but she’s managed to put me through an Ivy League University and support me in my current quest of attending medical school.

I realize now that I should have entered her in some of those contests. Sometimes, private recognition isn’t enough. So, here it is – her recognition. This isn’t a contest and she’s not going to win a prize but you knowing is enough.

Do me a favor; drop a note to the email address, stating that you heard about her story and what it means to you.

[email protected]
Baltimore City, Maryland

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