Gourmet Microwave Cooking

December 10 2012

Here are some simple recipes to get you started with microwave cooking!


1) Find a microwavable bowl.

2) Fill with pasta and water

3) Microwave for 10 minutes

4) Burn yourself on the bowl as you remove it from the microwave

Ghetto Chicken Parmesan:

1) Take microwaveable chicken nuggets

2) Add splash of tomato sauce (from jar)

3) Add cheese

4) Microwave

Ghetto Pad Thai:

1) Follow pasta recipe, swapping pasta for brick of ramen noodles (WITHOUT FLAVOR PACKET)

2) Add a big ol’ glob of peanut butter

3) Microwave

Ghetto Omelet:

1) Follow Pasta Step 1

2) Fill with egg and cheese

3) Microwave until egg is rubbery instead of slimy

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Daniel Hamilton
[email protected]
Rochester, NY / Newton, MA

P.S. I run a 25:25 8k. Can’t resist the opportunity to brag to 20000+ complete strangers.

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