From your friendly med school nerd

December 06 2012

Hey all,

I am in the middle of my second year of medical school, and these are some things that I believe in enough to share them with you:

1. Eat less, move more. People don't realize how detrimental being overweight is on every level—you’ll not only have a shorter life, but the the time you do have will be of terrible quality. So walk up the stairs. Going down the hall? Sprint there. Say no to that pizza. Eat more veggies.

3. Take a deeeeeeeeep breath and hold it. Now try to breathe in on top of that. That's what it's like for every breath for someone with emphysema. So if you smoke, think hard and decide whether it's worth having to breathe like that for a good chunk of your life.

4. VACCINATE. It’s frustrating to see websites/people making ludicrous claims that vaccinations cause autism or something crazy. Not vaccinating means unnecessary risk for yourself and entire populations. Many diseases aren’t seen in the US because of vaccination! Think about it this way--if you could say with 99.9% certainty that you could prevent your child from having a disease, what (good) parent on earth would decline that?

5. Give back! Google "The Hunger Site" and click daily to feed the hungry. It only takes a few seconds and you really make a difference. If all 21,800 people from the ListServe do this, we could donate 24,000 cups of food a day!

God bless,

[email protected]
Los Angeles, CA

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