Time: a fast and furious beast

November 24 2012

Ouch, I just skipped a heartbeat when I saw the "You've been selected" mail.

I don't know what to write. Well, anyway, here it goes!

Hi, I'm Vitor, I'm a 31yo Brazilian, and I just got through a quarter life crisis.

We're told to exaustion that time is a fast and furious beast that eats your life away every second, and around this age it gets really evident.

Finding a balance between dedication to my projects and actually getting a life without feeling like I'm wasting time is hard, and I am still struggling to find out where is the right point is.

I feel I had to throw away some things in life so I could grab new things to carry on. What I have learned is that there are three things you shoudn't throw away never ever, or you might lose forever:

- your health
- your family
- your friends

I finally realized that sleeping, eating well, doing exercises and go offline sometimes is essential.

I also found out that being kind to people around you is important too, or else *they* might feel like throwing *you* away.

Well, that's it! Feel free to contact me.


(I feel like playing on lottery right now!)

--- Vitor Carlos

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