Soap bubbles are the fairies of our time

November 18 2012

If anyone is giving advice, who's left to take it? True insight cannot be taught, only discovered. There is no absolute truth in the world, but different perspectives and angles, and by taking a step to the left or tilting your head, you can change your point of view. You might notice that hearts are tiny stars and only they can warm up flesh and bones and skin and eyes, and illuminate, what shadows menace, and where they fade, no life is possible. If you take another step and bend your knees, you might see that the moon is just a mirror and you will discover yourself when looking at it long enough. I dare you to question yourself and anything you take for granted. I'm not giving you advice or tell you the story of my life. I, today, dare you to become aware of your ignorance.

hallo at
Dresden, Germany

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