Be ready!

November 16 2012

What happens when you win the lottery and you lose your ticket before you claim the prize? That's kind of what just happened to me...

Against all odds I was chosen to write to The Listserve, but my 48 hour period expired. Although I usually read all Listserve emails on the day I get them, this one I didn't open on time to respond to it (48h).

This may be a lesson worth to be shared. It's a metaphor of what life is all about: taking the chances, grabbing the opportunities. Because they will arise and if we are not ready to take them it may almost be like they never even existed to us.

But in my life I have learnt that there is always a second chance. If this message is reaching you it is the proof that it is true.

So, if you are reading this...

1) Be ready to take the opportunities in your life.
2) If you think you just missed one, try to pursue it anyways, cause it may not be completely lost.
3) Learn from your mistakes so you don't miss another one, and be ready for the next.


Miguel Borges da Silva
Setúbal, Portugal

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