A Story From Heaven

November 09 2012

It is a cold September evening. A girl, tall, a bit shy, has her first ballroom dancing lesson. Her friends have persuaded her to go. But her concerns about not meeting a boy who is tall enough are quickly forgotten because of him.

While learning the first steps of Slow Waltz, the two enjoy a nice chat and...like each other on first sight. It is time to say goodbye. But no, both are by bike and both are heading the same direction.

When the girl tells her mother of him, he is not an unknown. His grandmother is one of her customers.

When he comes home, he tells his mother that he has met the Love of his Life! She is skeptical because he is only 14.

They become a couple. But happy times shall not last very long. Her inner wound turns out to be a big obstacle. After only 6 months, he breaks up with her.

They are now going separate ways, but connected through an invisible band... for 3.5 years! Their love is given a second chance. Everything could be perfect. But life does not always follow logical rules. While she is healed, he feels lost and uncertain. It takes some time to recover.

*Magic evening at musical “Lion King” *Message in a bottle she buried for him *Proposal accompanied by two shooting stars *Many occurences of “7”, crowned by the Wedding on 07.07.2007

Who is writing stories like this?

I Love You, Nina

[email protected]
Hamburg, Germany

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