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November 03 2012


1. I’m 21 and a pre-med student. I like reading writing cleaning yoga and drinking. I work in a pizzeria.
2. Who are you??
4. If by any chance you work at a zoo please email me and invite me to come hang out with and talk to and pet wild animals I would love that more than anything and would find a way to repay you for your kindness.
5. Currently waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit Brooklyn…


There are a good number of days when I wake up hating myself. Sometimes I fall asleep hating myself and sometimes I have a weird dream that leaves me unsettled or off kilter and things start to crumble from there. It wasn't until about a year ago that I started to begin the process of realizing that this penance I was serving was not only unnecessary, but was destructive and self-perpetuating, was in fact the evils of the world coming to rest for a moment in my heart. I am starting to learn to take deep breaths and to override my own maladaptive mechanisms and to trust my instincts and to be free from this self-imposed tyranny and also of course to realize how much more frightening that is. I cry a lot but I think that's good and I'm extremely happy and lucky to have people in my life who can set my mind at ease.



Frances Gill
[email protected]
Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

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