From a country of (literally) thousands islands

November 01 2012

Hey there

Such a pleasant, odd chance to write to you. Thank you. I am a gen Y living in a developing country named Indonesia, working as a marketer in fmcg industry.

I read listserve e-mails every morning, love it. Most of them come from US though, so perhaps on this rare occasion to be selected, would like to share about this country, Indonesia, in 6 points:

1. We're located in south-east Asia. Neighbor to Thailand. Malaysia. Singapore. North of Australia.

2. We have total 17,508 islands and more than 500 different local languages

3. The most famous holiday spot is Bali, i believe. Pretty island beaches, rich culture, great people. Get called island of gods sometime.

4. Your Sumatra and Java coffee come from here. Of islands with same name

5. We have the tastiest instant noodle ever: Indomie. Maybe you can find one in ur local chinatown. They sell it in Amazon as well :D

6. Second largest home of Facebook user, and 6th largest for Twitter. Well since we're like the 4th most populated country in the world filled with happy chatty people. Haha.

Ok that's about my wordcount limit I guess. Wish you a pretty day. Do write to me if you want, it's nice to find more real people e-mails in the mailbox full of engine-generated mails nowadays :)

[email protected]
Jakarta, Indonesia

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