October 23 2012


I've wrote down a bunch of things I want to say/share with all of you but of all those things the following are what I've picked out as my top 7. Why 7? I don't know I like the number.

1) Checkout the short story Mrs. Wienckus by E.B. White (really anything by E.B. White...it's all good!)
2) I believe everyone should use the Oxford comma!! Learn about, use it, and love it! (See what I did there?;)
3) Try Swiss cheese in quesadillas...and sweet and sour sauce with chicken nuggets.
4) Always forgive your enemies because nothing annoys them so much
5) The secret to making really good chocolate chip cookies is browning the butter vs. creaming it.
6) Lazy people fact #492,928,392,103: you were too lazy to read that number.
7) Fact: If you ask someone what a goatee is they will most likely stroke an outline of an imaginary one on their chin.

I hope you have a spectacular day! Remember to stay classy!

Jordan Alfaro
[email protected]

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