Attempt failure

October 18 2012

Right, sooo.. I am a social scientist - a communication scientist - a media psychologist - a game researcher and an expert on mediated motivation So I should know a thing or two about human behaviour Apart from that (or maybe intertwined) I have had quite an eventful life > it often feels like I've had two or three and when I have your collective attention for a moment I would like to share something with you that could possibly improve your life After trying to discern what seperates the happy people from the unhappy people I come up with one piece of advice:


Fail big and fail harder Unafraid and Unashamed Do a thing you want to do and fail at it

Once you have failed, notice how things basically stay the same.. Your friends will still be your friends, the sky will still be blue, mornings will still mean getting out of bed

After your failure only ask yourself only two things: > What can I learn from this failure? > Would I like to try again? Any answers you honestly come up with are good answers, follow them and if applicable; fail again

If by any chance you should fail to fail and succeed at the thing you want to do Thats ok too :-)

A great big hug to all of you,

Priscilla Haring
The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Wanna know more? Please google me and find my website with my blog and contact details

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