I don't really like running

October 06 2012

I don't really like running.

I don' like to wake up early in the morning.
I could list a couple of more things that I don't like.

This is limiting. This is what I say to myself. It doesn't make my life easier or happier. Then why do I say them? I go running anyways. It's much more easier if I enjoy it...or at least tell myself (out loud) why it's good for me and why I like it. I like running because I'm in control not my body. Going for a run is good for my self-discipline, it also helps me to get out of my comfort zone. It's amazing how much power our mind (and through it our self-talk) has. Use it for you not against you. Just listen to what you say - are you helping and supporting or exhausting yourself (and others). You’re in charge to control what you say. If you don't like some qualities that you have, change them. Through changing self-talk and self-image you can become the person you have always wanted to be. It's not easy but completely doable. It just requires dedication and work.

Tartu, Estonia

P.S. Ask yourself what gets you excited? Do the things that get you excited. I get excited about (personal) growth, seeing others growing. This is happiness.

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