Everything happens for a reason

September 23 2012

I am a 34 years old, curly-haired, happy French woman. Being a child, my dreams have always been, in order, of writing, being independant, travelling, and leaving the remote region where i grew up. I did that first, when i moved to Paris aged 19 to study. Then, i started a glamorous and promising commercial and marketing career in fashion that led me to live in Paris, Dubai, and Milan, and travel round the world. I have been lucky and spoiled, only to discover that it was time for me to start writing, and become independant. Few months ago, I have left a promising career to start my own business, and I am launching it next week. And guess what? It is all about writing! I am thrilled, excited, overwhelmed, and... scared to death! Few words of wisdom from my experience so far: - take risks, challenge yourself. - everything happens for a reason. - write, every day. - people always expect more from you when you have curly hair. Happiness is a decision. Few of my own little secrets for a happier life: - every morning, say thank you. - every day, give a compliment to someone you do not know. - speak words of love, focus on the good in people. - get rid of that guiltyness. - allow yourself some time to get lost, carried away. It's when I lost myself that I really found myself. - listen to That voice. - forgive, forget and surrender.

Fanny Auger
Paris, France
[email protected]

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