Kane’s mud run story

August 29 2012


Here is most embarrassing moment:

About 6 years ago, I entered a 6km run. It was over farmland, in muddy swamps, along very muddy farm tracks and crashing through bushes.

At the end of the race everyone was totally mud-covered.

I went through to the changing rooms. Now, I have never really played team sports or been to the gym much… so was not very used to, or comfortable with the communal nakedness that a changing room presents. I have always been a bit body conscious, but really I was just not used to public nakedness.

I manned up though and went for it. Luckily I was the only guy in the changing rooms at the time, so I had time to compose myself. I took a deep breath and stripped naked. I looked quite a sight, all covered in mud apart from where my clothes and just been.

I walked into the next room where the showers were.

Nervously…but with new found confidence.

I turned the corner and found all the showers were taken and…that I was the ONLY NAKED GUY IN THE ROOM!

Everyone else was still in their muddy shorts, cleaning them as they showered.

None of the showers were free and everyone felt very awkward about my naked presence.

All I had to protect my dignity was a bar of soap. But I had committed.

I stood staunch until someone finally broke ranks and left.

I take this opportunity to thank that stranger


[email protected]
Auckland, New Zealand

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