Questions for The Listserve, cc You and 20k others

August 23 2012

To: The Listerve founders- Alvin et al.
cc: all

-I like this idea. What excites me is that someone might surprise us with something beautiful and true. One or two people have come close. But, does it matter if most emails aren't that great?

-If someone says something beautiful and true, someone will post that somewhere else, and it will go viral by the usual wonders of the internet. Why subscribe? Won't I hear about the amazing truth bomb in another corner of the internet?

-Is turnover high? People coming on for a week, then leaving. Does that matter?

-How is the listserve going to grow? It seems stuck.

-Usually, listserves serve a specific community of interest. What’s our common denominator? What similar themes have you seen in the emails?

-Also, usually, a listserve becomes a conversation. People reply, and we see the replies- good and crazy. There isn't really a conversation here. Does that matter?

Enough questions. All- I enjoy your random emails; life is weird and often sad. For me, it’s comforting to hear people express how they live. Thanks.

More selfishly, I’m a flight attendant for a shitty, regional airline. But I’m a good flight attendant. Got a better flight attendant job for me? Want me to use my free flights in service of your ends? Like, I could be your special agent courier, or something? Alec Baldwin? Email w/ jobs or your answers:

[email protected]

Love to you and the planet.


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