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August 19 2012

I didn't expect that I would be writing to you all so soon. Timing is everything. My internet service will end tomorrow as I prepare to leave the country for an extended period. For a long while I have thought about what it would be like to live with "one robe, one bowl" but it seemed so hard to let go of all my carefully chosen earthly goods. The Universe and the airlines have conspired to make my thoughts a reality. One suitcase. 50 pounds. And a lot of soul searching. More than 60 years of collecting has turned into 3 months of giving away and donating everything that will not fit into the suitcase. I believe I have been given an opportunity to live my dream, and with that, a chance to get clear about what is really important in this all too brief life. With that in mind: it is our relationships, not our "stuff" that is truly important. The ones you love will live forever in your mind and heart. Life is short, but we can cause our experience of it to be deep and wide. There is no distance too great for thoughts to travel. Dreams come true. Be ready.

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Michigan, USA

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