The Good Life

August 16 2012

As of this week, I have been in LA for 7 months pursuing my dream of becoming a TV writer. Though I work multiple jobs (none of them full-time), I may soon run out of money. Last week, I had an emotional breakdown upon realizing that I may have to give up on my dream (or at least go about it in a different way). I’m alternating between wanting to throw in the towel, and wanting to push myself just a little bit harder in order to stay out here. Things are definitely a bit tough right now.

But, as I sit here on the floor of my bedroom, stress-eating Chex mix and inhaling caffeine while I complete work for one job before I go to work at another job, I just want to say:

Life is good.

I’m healthy. I have a loving family and a caring boyfriend. I have a roof over my head and clothes on my back. If I died in a freak snowboarding accident, at least 10 people would miss me.

Whenever people give me advice on my future, they all say something like, “things will work out in the end!” or “your time is almost coming!” But the thing is, it is just as possible that my time isn’t coming, and things won’t work out in the end.

Maybe I never get to do what I wanted to do in my career. I’ve already been so fortunate in ways that I take for granted every single day, and maybe my career is the one part of my life that won’t be as I envisioned. I guess we’ll find out.

Either way, life is good.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear from all of you, especially if you have some awesome life advice (or if you want to offer me a kickass job). No pressure.

Julissa Castillo
[email protected]
Los Angeles, CA

PS, Go ‘Dores!

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