Are you angry?

July 12 2012

When I was young I was angry.

So much seemed to be wrong in so many parts of the world - I didn't know what to do, I just knew I wanted to do *something*.

Yet changing the system seemed impossible for millions to bring about, never mind one angry teenager.

5 years ago, a small thought changed my life.

I realised 'the system' - with its business, jobs and money - is not the problem. It's just a tool.

Most use that tool to prosper regardless of their impact on others - but you don't have to.

I started a business that finds ways to use the web - something I knew a lot about - to improve lives.

We make a profit so we can pay fair wages, and reinvest what’s left into doing more good.

This is a “social enterprise” - it puts people, not profit, first. I think the world would be better if every business were replaced with one.

I'm not noble or brave enough to give everything I have to charity - or to fly to a more needy country to lend a hand. But every day I do a job that I know makes the world a little bit better instead of a little more unfair.

I'll never make much money from it.

But I feel rich - and a whole lot less angry.

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Manchester, UK

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