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July 01 2012

Hello Everyone!

Somewhere, in this crowd of 20 000 people, is someone who believes I
can be an important asset to them.  I am just finishing my second year
as a Nanotechnology Engineering student at the University of Waterloo,
and I am looking for 4-8 months of co-op work starting in September.
My work experience so far includes nuclear reactor design for the GEN
IV Nuclear Reactor Project, Jr Project Manager for the opening of a
state of the art chemical engineering wetlab facility, and the
development of a line of industrial chain lubricants for a small
Ontario-based lubrication company.

This chance to speak to all of you is a unique opportunity to make a
direct request to 20 000.  Send me an email, and lets talk about how
we can help each other.  I would love to know how I can help you, in
any capacity.  Send me an email and ask me any questions you have.  I
will provide as much information as I can, and hopefully this will
lead to an important, mutually beneficial relationship.

Best Regards,

Jon Joel
[email protected]
Waterloo, Ontario

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