June 17 2012

Hi there! I'm a 22 year old Singaporean and I'm an undergraduate student studying in Perth. I signed up for Listserve for the exciting prospect of reading and learning new and beautiful things from everyone in this community. And now that it's my turn, what would I say to a million people if I had the chance?

I've thought long and hard (3 hours of typing and backspacing), bugged tonnes (4) of friends, and ate 6 scoops of ice cream. Here's what I'd like to say to a million people.

First of all, I'd like to thank my family (my dad, mom and sis) for being the most imperfect, annoying, nagging, beautiful, supportive, loving family. I have always told them through Skype and Facetime that I love them on the phone but since it doesn't count unless a million people hears it, so I'd like to shout "I LOVE YOU" to my family.

Second, I'd wanna thank all you previous contributors for making me smile/laugh/appreciate honey/rotate my head/cook. Nary a morning that goes by that I do not open my inbox first thing in the morning to read the contribution for the day. I'd also like to thank all future contributors for what is to come because writing this one email is hard work!

Lastly, I'd love to thank my ALL friends for being absolutely amazing, Franc Roddam for Masterchef, Kelly Clarkson for her voice, ancient Chinese for creating ice cream, Aztecs/Mayans for chocolate, and you for reading.

[email protected]
Perth, Western Australia

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