Don't forget to have fun!

May 24 2012

Hey! It's cold right here in Brazil! brrrrrr
Well, I would like to share with you some things that I did recently and, somehow, changed my life:

I quit my boring strategic consultant’s life
I decided to take a sabbatical year
I discovered life (yeah! There's life between 9 am to 18 pm)
I went skateboarding at Ibirapuera's Park (Sao Paulo) every afternoon
I started studying Social Entrepreneurship
I met new (and interesting, inspiring, innovating, brilliant, etc.) people
I traveled to the most beautiful place in the world (Chapada Diamantina | Bahia | Brazil)
I traveled to other countries
I started swimming
I started swimming and running
I started swimming, running and mountain-biking
I started cross-country triathlon competing
I made new friends
I met old friends
I visited a slum
I made friends at slums
I changed my points of view - I found a new purpose for my life
I started my own business
I failed in my first own business
I met more people - including my current business partners
I work at a business that really cares with social and environmental issues
I changed my eating habits - now I'd prefer organic foods
I found love again
I found a girlfriend that inspires me
I found a girlfriend that I admire
I hugged my mother, father and sister - and said many times that I love them

And today... I feel myself lighter... I laugh every day... I'm in peace.

That's my suggestion to you... try to do things you'll never think you would do. Enjoy, learn more and don't forget the essential point: HAVE A LOT OF FUN!

Diogo Pires
[email protected]
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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