What IF

May 19 2012

Today's question: What IF?

What IF you could make an impact?

What IF we could end hunger?

What IF there was enough food on the planet RIGHT NOW to feed every human being?

Well, there is. And we can end hunger. Fascinating, right!? The generation being born right now is the first in our history that may see the basic needs of every human being met.

These are things that, once you know, you can't un-know. These are things that should inspire us all. These are things that - at Impact Foods - give us purpose.

Impact Foods is a small food company in Dallas, TX with a big dream - to see the day when no children are hungry.

For every bag of granola we sell, we feed a hungry child. We do this through our partnership with the World Food Programme. We help end the cycle of hunger at three critical points:

1) 1,000 Days: We target hunger in the first 1,000 days of a child's life, where damage done to the brain by malnutrition is irreversible.

2) School Meals: Then, we provide meals in schools - which boosts community attendance by more than 50%. This program allows children to receive nutrition as well as an education.

3) Sustainability: Our hunger work is done in a way that treats the problem, not simply the symptoms. Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of hunger through not only feeding children, but educating them and giving them thriving communities and self-sustaining economies so that companies like Impact Foods no longer need to exist.

But for now, they do need to exist. And we want to encourage you to start a conscious capitalism project of your own. Our passion is hunger - what's yours!?

Sure, we'd love for you to buy a bag of our delicious all-natural granola when it hits the shelves of Whole Foods this August...but really we want to to think about today's question:

What IF.

What IF you could make an Impact?

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