The best news I've ever received

May 08 2012

There's good news, and then there's GOOD NEWS. It's good news when an unexpected check comes in the mail, or when your kid comes home with improved grades. But GOOD NEWS is life-changing. Today I'd like to talk about the best news I ever received. Here it is:

There is forgiveness for my failings.
There is grace for my faults.
There is love I can't understand.

This was life-changing news for me, because at heart, I'm rotten. I'm selfish. I'm a liar. Even when I do good things, too often I do them to try to impress other people, or to try to prove to myself that I'm not that bad, even when I know deep down that I really am.

People talk about karma; karma scares me. I'll never be a good enough person to deserve what I want. This is why this really good news changed my life.

The GOOD NEWS is that God knows me, knows all about me - and that he loves me anyway. That he offers me forgiveness if I'll just accept it. And that he offers me grace every day, and the chance to really be a
changed person.

God sent his son, Jesus, to earth for all of us. He lived a perfect life. He was the only person who karma really should've fully rewarded, and instead he died in my place, in your place. And then he didn't stay dead, but instead demonstrated the power to conquer death. One day he's going to come back to earth to set things right.

That's the best news I've ever received. It changed my life. It can change yours, too, if you'll believe it.

Chris Hubbs
[email protected]
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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