A Bloody Mar/y/ia from Juba, South Sudan

May 02 2012

here is something that i have worked on for a long time.
you can sort out the proportions to taste, but it will make you a solid bloody maria.
even in south sudan you can find most of these things.
you may need to sneak the tomato juice in, or use ceres.
i have not put in proportions, but have listed these things in order of importance/operation/process. it's art. deal.
if you hate things that taste good you can substitute vodka for tequila

juba / 2012

make this recipe backwards, from the bottom up.

tequila (don't put this in until even after you've put in the juice(s)) -- and then - put a lot in.

1/2 cambell's tomato juice
1/2 clamato juice
(essentially, try to mix a heavy and light juice. If not, add some water or water and lemon. i haven't found either of those juices here in south sudan but it hasn't stopped me yet. don't put juices in until the very end.)

(the main bit


take all these things and slice them up.

then put in the stuff above)

dash of oj or other citrusy juice (lemon)
black pepper
worstchire sauce
onions (half shaved and half cut)
grated radish (good luck finding this)
chopped basil (or other similar smelly green herb)
chili pepper flakes
ground cayenne pepper
powdered ginger (or grated fresh)
pickle juice
pickled things (like pickled beans, for example. slice very thin) (if you don't have, skip or make your own pickles)
wasabi (get in a tube from nairobi)
horseradish (steal from fancy hotel in capetown.)
dijon mustard (or equivalent)

that's it. enjoy


Christopher Fabian
Juba, South Sudan

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